My name is Tomasz Seweryn and I am an upholsterer.

Born in Poland, I graduated from the Technical School of Upholstery with a specialisation in furniture (equivalent of the UK’s Master Upholsterer and Soft Furnishers Accredited Upholstery Diploma). I also studied at the University of Agriculture in Poznan.

For more than 25 years I have been dedicated to upholstery. While many of my clients have specific design requirements, I also have a strong creative instinct which I impart into my work.

I enjoy partnering with my clients, I always look for innovative solutions, and I’m not afraid to experiment.

Who supports me ...

Gabriel Seweryn - My son inspires and supports me, when speaking with clients, he say we are an active and creative family. Very communicative and loves football! He was the first to say, "You are an artist, dad!".

Gabriel's grandparents - They support and help with their professional experience.

Małgorzata Seweryn - My mother is an upholsterer, fabric and leather specialist. Perfectionist! Very experience in the craft. She loves to ride everywhere on her bicycle!

Józef Seweryn - My father is also a master of upholstery. Huge knowledge with over 40 years experience in the craft! Always calm and composed. Cycles everywhere on his bicycle!

Rafal Seweryn - My brother and uncle of a Gabriel. He’s a master of carpentry, more than 25 years of experience. A lot of the work done by traditional techniques, in his free time, he helps with carpentry and upholstery work.

Mariusz Zawadzki - Artist and photographer, taking photos of my furniture.


Donata Zawadzka -  Illustrator. In her spare time, she paints and draws.