The whole magic of upholstery is to see how, from an old piece of wood, a capable upholsterer can create a treasure.

TS Design Studio Ltd

TS Design Studio Ltd is my upholstery and furniture workshop based in Orpington, London. I strive to bring creativity and the highest quality workmanship in all of the projects I undertake. Each piece I work on is finished to the highest standard and levels of precision. In my opinion, success in work depends on three ingredients: passion, commitment and the heart you put into it – I have no shortage of any of these elements when it comes to upholstery!

I have created TS Design Studio to show the best in artisan craftsmanship but with an additional creative approach. I want my furniture to be attractive and admired while respecting the integrity of the original design whether that's 16th century or 21st! I cherish the time I spend on my work, I love learning new things and experimenting in my craft. Having my own workshop has given me this opportunity.

I enjoy partnering with my clients, I always look for innovative solutions, and I'm not afraid to experiment.